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We want to unburden you as best as possible. We offer funerals in a transparent, environmentally conscious and fair manner.

We at Sober & Stijl funerals are aware that not everyone has the financial means to arrange a luxury funeral.

We provide venerable funerals throughout the Netherlands, regardless of where and/or you are insured!

Are you insured with Ardanta, Axent, Conservatrix, Dela, Reaal, Nationale Nederlanden, Monuta or Yarden?

Every death is the birth of a memory

When you think of a funeral, you often think of people who have died of old age.
The loss of a loved one is always sad,
but that someone has had a beautiful life can sometimes be comforting.
Often a family in this situation has reason to believe that death is imminent,
because it is in line with expectations.

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Life and death are inextricably linked and sooner or later we all have to deal with death.

The Last individual wish currently occupies an important place in arranging a funeral.

This wish is also increasingly apparent in the field of transport to the final resting place.
Sober & Stijl funerals offer high-quality services in the field of funeral and transport and caring for the deceased.
In style and according to your wishes, we arrange the funeral or transport to the final resting place.
A simple funeral with us costs from € 899,–

Insured with Ardanta, Axent, Dela, Monuta or Yarden?
Regardless of where you are insured, you can contact us.

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